Kuryakyn Magnum Quick Clamps 1 inch I.D.,- Each - 7940

Even though we offer a variety of preassembled,clampon type highway pegs,occasionally the need arises for a combination we just dont offer. For times like this,it is a simple process to Build Your Own. We offer all of the components we use in our kits individually. Follow the easy threestep process and youll be cruisin in no time.STEP ONE:Choose the correct size clamp for your application.,In order to do this youll need to determine what size engine guard you have on your motorcycle. If you dont have a dial caliper available,you can easily determine the diameter of the engine guard.,Youll need a piece of heavy paper or cardboard,a ruler,a pencil,and a scissors. Use the pencil and ruler to make to marks on the edge of the paper 1 apart. Take the scissors and cut lines perpendicular to the edge of the paper at the marks you just made. Fold the resulting flap of paper out of the way. Next,take the piece of paper to the bike and check to see if the tubing will slip into the opening youve made in the edge of the paper. If the opening is too small,repeat the procedure enlarging the opening to 118,114,and 1.35 until you find one that will fit.Weve made a lot of friends with these Stainless steel construction for superior strength and hinged design for fast simple installation. No more stripped bolt headsBy the way. . . Cobra engine guards are 114 diameter. Frame downtubes on VN1500 and some other Japanese cruisers are 1.35 diameter. The curved part of a Valkyrie engine guard in front of the valve covers will accept a 118 diameter clamp.
Price: 19.98