Kuryakyn PIAA,1157 Xtreme White Bulb Pair - 2217

Make yourself more visible and safe with these 4150K color rated bulbs. Match these bulbs to both headlights and other accessory lights for a sleek,unified appearance. Bulb Type: H4 AntiVibration,Wattage: 60W55W,110W100W,Color Temp: 4150 Kelvin Bulb Type: H3,Wattage: 35W70W,Color Temp: 4150 Bulb Type: 1156,Wattage: 27W,Color Temp: 4150 Kelvin Bulb Type: 1157,Wattage: 27W8W,Color Temp: 4150 Kelvin 1157 dual filament Wattage: 27W8W Bulb Type: 1157 Color Temp: 4150 Kelvin Technology: Xtreme White with XTRA Technology
Price: 16.78