Kuryakyn PIAA H3 Super Plasma Bulb - 2215

Its sad but true that as you get older,a little more light really helps you see and read things better. Professional truck drivers,endurance racers,offroad racers,and anyone that drives for a living knows the name PIAA. You just cant buy better highquality bulbs. The beauty of their high performance lighting products is that they do not draw any more amperage than stock bulbs,but through advanced coatings and technology,they emit as much light as a standard bulb of nearly twice the wattage. Not only are they brighter,but the light is whiter making it much easier for the human eye to see than the dull yellow light cast by standard halogen bulbs.You will really be impressed. These bulbs are built specifically for powersports applications so you can be assured your investment will be well worth the money spent.For a stylish look,PIAA offers the Super Plasma H3 Bulb. With a rating of 5000K,it will give your factory lights a beautiful bluishpurple look. No need to sacrifice performance for style. With PIAAs XTRA technology youll have plenty of power.
Price: 33.98