Kuryakyn Pivot Shaft Service Kit - For Adjustable Passenger Pegs KY-4505 KY-7926 KY-4570 KY-4571 - 7883

Our original retractable passenger pegs redefined passenger comfort. The test of time and input from customers has helped us to refine this popular accessory,improving its fit and function.This kit gives you the ability to move your feet up or down and best of all when the driver has his or her feet on the highway pegs you can stretch your legs by laying your calves on the footrests. You will love the flexibility.A bolt action locking device on the swing arm adds one intermediate position to make hours in the passenger seat more enjoyable for passengers of different heights. A revised mounting system allows easier installation and improved fit on newer models. Does not interfere with footboard operation. These work perfectly with stock HD passenger boards or our KY7906 contour boards. They install in about 25 minutes. No need to remove the boards.
Price: 15.18