Kuryakyn Tune Trapper Hidden Atenna- Harley Davidson Electra Street Road Glide 14-up - 867

The Tune Trapper is a hidden AMFMHDWB antenna that works Mount it anywhere in almost any vehicle,boat,RV or motorcycle in any position,in steel or fiberglass its flexible,can be bent 10 to 20 degrees,and works awesome inside HD fairings The Tune Trapper is a full halfwave helical dipole antenna,hand tuned to resonance with special instruments and requires no ground. It uses 95 braided shield cable for virtual elimination of EMI electrical noise caused by engines,fans,wipers,etc. These handtuned antennas mount behind your fairing and require no power. Your radio has all the preamp it needs built in,its just looking for a properly tuned antenna to make it rock. Made in the U.S.A.
Price: 11.18